I had four flies that worked on those two days fishing coho and chum in the Sooke River. (more…)

The worst possible thing that could happen to Pacific salmon has likely happened: Norwegian, Atlantic Ocean ISA virus that has wiped out every fish farm country in the world has been brought to the Pacific Ocean where there was no ISA – until it was brought to Chile and now mostly likely BC. (more…)

From a sport fisher’s point of view, the most important phase of the Cohen Commission is now: disease. At worst, we may be witnessing the end of all Pacific anadromous fish from Norwegian ISA virus. At best, we may be watching some of the +100 Fraser River sockeye subcomponents go extinct, with dramatic reductions in Strait of Georgia coho and Chinook also explained. (more…)

As of August 18, fish farm disease is on the Cohen Commission stand and you can expect tons of news on this subject. (Do check below for a very interesting list of weblinks. Copy and paste them into Google).

In one dense paragraph, some subjects in these evidentiary hearings are: (more…)

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