Fly Fishing

The third lesson in fly casting is the double haul. Its purpose is to increase fly line speed and thus momentum, so the fly line casts farther. The aim is to put your fly 80 feet from your feet, but great casters can exceed 100. (more…)

After most fly people learn the straight front cast, they spend years trying to learn double hauling. This is a shame because one doesn’t have to learn to double-haul at all. You can still put out 80 feet, the usual goal, by learning two things: the sweet spot; and, line management. (more…)

In their evolution, many anglers add fly fishing for the wonderful connection it affords with a fish. However, learning to cast can be frustrating. You watch someone great zip the fly line (the fly goes along for the ride) almost over the horizon while you, huffing and puffing, succeed only in getting the line to fall about you in heaps. (more…)

Objective: To develop more consistent methods of taking the large, constantly-on-the-move, fish-eating Eutsuk Lake rainbows on the fly.

Solution 1: Fish at the crack of dawn. (more…)

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