Do you have a spey rod and aren’t satisfied with the way things are going? Or do you watch Spey casters and think you would like to get into this beautful method of casting that is just now becoming the major new development in west coast fishing? Well, come along and learn how to cast and learn what you need to know to get good value when buying Spey gear.

I will have on hand a good cross section of today’s rods and lines for you to try – without having to buy. The first day we will talk and then spend the rest of the day on the water casting. You will be given a Spey buyers guide from BC Outdoors and we will thoroughly discuss what it has to say. You will also receive a BC Outdoors article on how to perform the Spey casts. Then, we will get you started with the most important cast, the Roll cast and then progress through the Double Spey, Single Spey and Snake Roll. The second day we will focus on the finer points of the casts so that you can learn to trouble shoot yourself when you are on your own and your casts go astray.

Time permitting, I’ll show you some of the other casts, the Snap T, the Circle C, and for all those who want to give these longer rods a try during beach fishing this summer, the Over Head cast. And there are a few other useful tricks, such as the Wave, and the Sidewinder..