The worst possible thing that could happen to Pacific salmon has likely happened: Norwegian, Atlantic Ocean ISA virus that has wiped out every fish farm country in the world has been brought to the Pacific Ocean where there was no ISA – until it was brought to Chile and now mostly likely BC.

There is only one solution: get fish farms out of the water immediately and onto land where they can infect nothing other than themselves. The best data are the Province’s. After seeking to keep them secret Christy Clark’s government relented. See:

You will be staggered how many hundreds of times HEM (interstitial haemorrhage) and SSC (sinusoidal congestion) were found in fish farm Atlantic salmon. These are the classic symptoms of ISA that wiped out 500 farms in Chile, resulting in a $2billion loss. ISA in Norway is so entrenched it has never been completely wiped out. Scotland looks on the edge of another disease meltdown. And over the last 6 months Chilean farms sequenced for ISA have grown to 23, suggesting another cyclic infectious disaster soon.

Little wonder in Norway, Kurt Oddekalv sent out a news release and filled a farm with rotetone a fish poison, later suggesting it was milk. Farm nets have been cut. In Chile 13,000 have been thrown out of jobs and are destitute. They have become ‘fish pirates’ stealing $70 million in farm fish. We can’t condone civil disobedience, but it is clear anger runs high.

The most disappointing thing at the Cohen Commission this week were the scientists one after the other denying and distancing themselves from their own published research papers, making them unreliable. At least one has more than 100 articles. And the province’s fish-table pathologist said: ISA, what ISA? Egregious.

How much will it cost Kristi Miller to check farm fish SLV and ISA? A measly $18,700 – but DFO has turned her down. The BC public is so angered by this travesty to our iconic fish a fund has sprung up spontaneously and $5,000 has been raised in only a few days. Please give.

Why won’t DFO do it? Many reasons but their 2006 communications strategy, a Cohen exhibit, said those opposed are ‘confused’. They also signed agreements with Norway and Chile to trade scientific research. And they have a new program, CIMTAN, to train several hundred fish scientists. DFO will study the problem until all Pacific salmon are extinct. Then our good neighbours, Alaska and Washington, will have their fish die. There will be hell to pay if DFO has let ISA into the Pacific.

I asked Cohen to have all participants state their conflicts of interest and research money received or to come from fish farms. has a grim, alarming document of how Norwegian derivatives spun a story in Scotland that is a Hollywood thriller about a January 9, 2004 Science article saying farmed fish have high concentrations of PCBs, cancer-causing dioxans, etc. You won’t believe the article at first, but then the authority of its research is so incredible, you won’t believe anything a Norwegian derivative says again.

We are not going to get anymore ‘science’. Each infected farm releases 1,440 billion viruses every day. And the 2% of fish disease deaths works out to 1.5 million dead Atlantics every year. Our iconic salmon and five other anadromous salmonids need help now. Fish farms must be on land.

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