I had four flies that worked on those two days fishing coho and chum in the Sooke River.

1. The googly-eyed pink thing with pink handle bar up to small bead-chain eyes that are then figure-eight wrapped in small pink/pink with sparkle chenille, with pearlescent Krystal Flash is a standard pink salmon fly. You can buy them in Robinson’s and then make your own. Size six streamer hook.

2. Winter steelhead fly. Yellow tail then orange and then flaming red bunny on an elegant size 1 or 2 black salmon hook with large silver bead-chain eyes, red thread.

But the following two, no-name, pink salmon flies took the cake, much to my surprise:

3. Pink amphipod. Mustad, short-shank, size 6 S71SZ-34007. Hot pink thread, pink pearlescent Krystal Flash as a tail. Small bright pink chenille, and that’s it. Embarrassingly simple, but was the best fly.

4. No name pink fly. Same hook as 3. Slip 3/8″ hot pink plastic tubing (made for the hooks of Radiant trolling spoons) around the bend and tie in pearlescent Krystal Flash tail. Push the tubing over the tie in point and build a chartreuse thread segment and tie off. Build a chartreuse thread head and tie off.

While you should put head cement on all four of these flies, on fly 4 you should lacquer up both the head and the tail segment so it is nice and shiny.

Other flies for chum include Woolly Buggers in white with hot pink thread and in chartreuse. Use circle hooks. While these flies don’t fit well in fly boxes, and become a glumph of flies, they without doubt will save you and the salmon many tussles that tire the fish, waste your time and the time of fishers next to you. Also use a spandex fly line ‘glove’ on your rod hand stripping finger..