D.C. Reid is a prolific author. He writes about sport angling for Pacific North West species for nearly 50 magazines across North America, for syndication in newspapers around the world and on 6 websites.

Articles detail strategy, tactics, gear and behaviour for all five species of salmon, steelhead (both summer and winter), rainbow and cutthroat trout, halibut, lingcod (including fly fishing for ling), 35 species of Sebastes and Sebastolobus bottom fish and 27 species of sole and flounder.

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Sample Article: Wire Rigging An Anchovy In 700

700 little words. All a columnist is allowed for a subject that cries out for more. A subject subtle and complex, including variations in rigging, cutting , curing, brining, freezing, colouring, fishing technique, species, hooks, leaders, geographical considerations, and, finally, taste enhancement with WD 40, bilge water (ala Charlie White) Pete, aniseed , amino acids, silver nitrate etc. A book length subject at least.

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Sample Article: Selecting Silver At Tasu Sound

Saltwater fly anglers spend most of their time in home waters chasing down local stocks from beaches and estuaries, as well as from boats with smooth, snag-free casting platforms. At the same time, all anglers experience the ongoing interest and yearning to take the fly a little further a field and try something new.

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Fishing for Dreams
Notes from the Water’s Edge
by Dennis Colin Reid

A great gift for all anglers and for all those who know an angler! The eagerly awaited, Fishing for Dreams, combines D.C. Reid the man of fishing and D.C. Reid the man of literature. The result is an uncommonly fine book of essays and stories in the tradition of Nick Lyons, James Babb and Trey Combs.

These stories range widely over the fishing territory of British Columbia and Alberta where Reid grew up, appropriately, on Fish Creek., to later haunts of Westslope Cutthroat trout rivers and a range of remote saltwater remote locales from Victoria to the Queen Charlotte Islands. There are tales of the ghosts of summer, summer steelhead, that are spotted first by their shadows on the bottom and next on the swung-end of elusive beautiful Spey casts; to the ballet that is motor-mooching 50 pound kings among orchestrated boats at remote saltwater rock walls; to the tug of war that is galloping halibut.

Roderick Haig-Brown’s lucid elegiac prose introduced the world to the beauties of British Columbia’s waters. Reid carries the tradition forward.

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Maximum Salmon
Fishing the West Coast from Alaska to California
by Dennis Colin Reid

This complete guide to salmon angling has one purpose: to help anglers catch more salmon than ever before. Focusing exclusively on salmon angling technique, Dennis Colin Reid outlines essential strategies for angling along the west coast of North America from Alaska to California. Maximum Salmon presents the gear, tackle, techniques and essential knowledge of salmon behavior that transform average salmon fishing into maximum salmon fishing.

Anglers will learn the nitty-gritty of rigging information crucial to success. They’ll discover specific fly patterns, hootchies, plugs, Apexes, spoons, bait heads and drift-fishing lures. They’ll be introduced to techniques they may not yet have tried but should have: power mooching; streamer stripping; sunk, skated, swung and dead-drifted fresh-water fly tactics; and the baitcaster and open-faced spinning techniques for bait and artificials.

All major salt- and fresh-water techniques are presented in clear, precise language along with accompanying diagrams and photographs.

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Compilation CDs Now Available!

By popular demand, D.C. Reid’s weekly fishing coloumns from the Times Colonist newspaper are now available on CD. As many as 52 columns of nitty gritty fishing information per CD on all six disciplines, including destinations and specific instructions to catch more salmon, steelhead and trout in salt- and fresh-water (check out the often-requested wire-rigging a teaserhead article) along with behind the scenes fishing politics info you need to know to protect and promote your sport.

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