Snowbee Boot Socks

I don’t usually rave about products that I buy, but these socks are one of the few products that far exceed my expectations.

These are warm, snuggly, comfortable, wick water away and have an anti-bacterial component that works like a hot dam. You can wear them easily and cleanly for more than one day without getting that rotten boot smell in your waders – you could get that from sweat, but I leave that to you to wash them out before they kill everyone in your car. I have now worn these socks a couple of million times and can say that they have finally gone a bit saggy, but after using them to bind the cuff of my pants before putting my leg in my wader, this is to be expected. They still hold their anti-bacterial properties even now.

If you haven’t got a pair, you should give them a try. They are simply spectacular. I got one pair, then another, then bought another six pairs. Now I’m buying them to give to family and friends. One of the people I gave a pair to, said she would steal some of mine. I told her I count my individual socks every time I put them away, so don’t even think it.

These socks are that good.