I would rather go fishing, but spend most weekends reading fish farm science. I do this so I can give you, our readers, better information and informed opinions for you to think about. You, at least, can go fishing on the weekend.

You need to know about Infectious Salmon Anemia. (more…)

I have just returned from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) and the fishing is very strong for springs 25 pounds and up. Swiftsure Bank is hot, hot right now for springs, halibut, coho, pinks and sockeye (you have to release the sockeye for now). P:ort Alberni is stuffed with sockeye – 1.4 million is the current count and expected to go higher (an average run is about 250,000).

Here are my Kindle Singles that take you to remote resorts, where I have traveled for 20 years. One ‘buck’ tells you all about Langara, Englefield Bay, 52 Best Bets, and soon, Prince Rupert and north. Click on the link and see the Kindle Singles.

The link for Langara Island, BC is:

Englefield Bay: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004ZZM88S.

Catch Fish Have Fun – BC’s 52 Best Bets: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004PLNIO0.

Langara Island, BC is simply the best, consistent fishing in BC. And my single tells you about the fishing, the lodges, how I almost met Pat Quinn, and has the chart in place to view for only $.99. Pick one up and let me know what you think. I have been to all the places, and can give you the information on any place you want to fish on the BC coast.
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Terry Zarelli - 245.8 Terry Zarelli landed a halibut of 245.8 pounds off the Victoria waterfront at William Head, March 25, while fishing by himself in stormy water with a herring for bait.

Take your smart phone, iTouch, Kindle, or computer and get in touch with the best fishing spots in BC. I have put together 52 great fresh- and salt-water spots in BC fishing.

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Go to: Catch Fish Have Fun – BC’s 52 Best Bets:

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